Long Before You were Born

Marriage is a miracle, because you meet the one that you never recognize before or even you never know. However that person is made for you long before you were born.

That point is really touchy right?

There are people who see marriage as an important thing that they really want to do, and there are also people who do not want to get married because they think that their single life are just perfect.

Adult have different perspective about what is marriage and the importance of it and teenager also have their own definition on relationship. Just like what I see from this 4 first episodes of Konkatsu, a 35 year-old lady sees a marriage as something that they have to do in the short time, no more time for wasting time. But for a 20 year old girl, there are a lot of things that she wants to do before spending all her time in the marital status.

A marriage also has a very different meaning for everyone in the world, based on the age, gender, job, also based on economic reason.

Also from this dorama I see that the 20 year old boys think that doing their habits by themselves are much more fun rather than to go outside and making friends. They say that playing their favorite games is the best thing that they want to do for their entire live. They also think that girl will think at the same way, even worse.

There are a program in Japan in which people who want to get married can participate, it call Konkatsu “marriage hunt”. There people try to meet other people in order to get closer and know more about each other, and hopefully can find their future partner there.

Some people participate seriously, and some people don’t. The main character of this movie, Amamiya Kuniyuki enter this program because he has to get married in order not to get fire from his office. You see, there are various reason on why some one wants to get married, the same reason also appear from his colleague in the same department.

In the Konkatsu program, all the participant are able to know each other during the party that the leader of that program set, and yes there are so many party that the program serves. I conclude that Japan love party so much, because they can see many people. There are funeral party, meeting golf party, cooking party, aqua world party, tea party, meditation party, and so many parties.

I finally reach the end of this dorama on the same day when I started to watch it, and it is really cool, since it tells a story about something different from previous dorama that I watched.

Why do we get married? It is one of the questions that one character asks in this dorama. At that time, I even do not know the answer yet, but after watching all episodes I guess I see the clear picture now.

We get married because it is one of our innateness that we bring from our birth. And marriage let the couple to express their love in the health and legal way, there is a “sacral” thing in it that differ it with other relationship. Marriage is one of the ways to make us more mature, because there is someone that we have to take care about, someone that we have to protect, that make us willing to do our best and promise our selves not to disappoint them. Hey, am I too much? Since I’m not married yet but keep acting adult talking about marriage. Well, just please let me finish my word, then. Hehe.

Is Marriage about being together with someone you love or being together with someone who love you? Well, I still do not know the answer about that.

Oops, my bad, there are a lot of conclusion that appear in my mind after watching this dorama.

One of them is: I do think that when we meet the one that we are going to spend our life with doesn’t mean that our duty is over. It is not only about having someone by your side, and just for you. It is more about having the same vision and mission for the future. What is your goal within this new “teammate”?? It will be about, the more proper job, the comfortable home, and then come kids, their future, and bla bla bla…


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