To Love What We Have

April 12, 2012 3 irons

I just watched this movie, and at first I was confused about what is the story about? But then at the end there was a question, from the author perhaps, that are we living in the reality or in the imaginary?

It takes my interest. Because the movie ended with a woman who starts to smile everyday because she found that her lover was at the same house with her and luckily his husband doesn’t know that, confused right?

Before, that invisible man was in prison and doing something that makes him learn how to follow other’s movement unrecognizable. Do such things really happen? I have no idea. However this movie tell us that somehow we live in our own imagination, like the woman in this movie who at last serve her husband and smile every time because she found that her lover was in that house. It seems like that the author wanted to say that somehow we have to put the imagination or a picture about what we like into something that at first we don’t like, to live with it happily. To love what we have, not to have what we love.

And there are something interesting appears in this movie that I have never seen in the movies. The two main characters do not say a dialog at all, well actually the lead actress say 2 or 3 sentences. Can you imagine that the characters just communicate in non verbal communication, only with gestures, mimic and another eye contact?

Can I also conclude or say that love is more than word? No need to say a thing like “I love you” to the one you love, your body language or another nonverbal communication is enough to do that, right?

Even more, non verbal communication tells many things that a word can’t do.

After all, this movie makes me think much, not just spending time to watch without thinking.


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