Shoes-hunter vs Movie-teller

I was ready with my “North-Star” shoes and my “Export” bodypack, my common outfit to go everywhere even to classes. But actually I forgot something about this day; it’s not like the other days that I could wear this casual outfit. My two friends were coming earlier and they looked beautiful with the dress “Baju Kuruang”, the high heels and the purse, and it was the moment I recognized all my mistakes, except the dress. 10 am the meeting started with all the 79 student-teachers from UNP (Universitas Negeri Padang) or State University of Padang, the administrator of the student-teacher program, and the headmaster of 11 public Junior and Senior High Schools. After giving the speech about the procedure, the rules and the other important things about the student-teachers program the meeting dismissed.
The next thing I did was to make my two friends helped me to find the proper shoes for teaching. No more sneaker for this semester? No comment on this subject. So the hunting began and I just wondering why there were so many kinds of shoes in this world? High heels with 3 cm heels, 5 cm heels and more and more, stilettos, flats, sandals, slippers and many others that my two friends mentioned and introduced to me. Why there aren’t just sneakers only? Oops, sorry it’s just a thought of a not-stylist girl.
I turned annoyed a bit when I pointed at pair of shoes, a flat one without heels, and they said directly that it was an old model, no good quality and improper to wear in teaching . That was a WOW actually, because I have no idea about those shoes but quite good at picking a sneaker. They kept talking, showing and “introducing” the shoes to me until we found the nice one for my feet. Fiuuhhh, finally it was over.
While hunting the shoes for about 1 and half hours and listened to my friends “lecture”, it made me think of what people might think when I successfully retell the whole movies I watched to them, and make them watch it too. I almost remember the dialogues, the settings; I comment on the computer effect, the costumes, and even critics the movie like a pro that recommend them to or not to watch it. I start it with telling them the actors and the actresses, the director, the screen play writer, the story, the message that I get and it will end in 5 minutes or more. And they will reply by saying “how can you remember all that?”, “are you watching all the time?”, and I will be happy when some of them said, “I want to watch this movie, too”, “what should I watch first?”. And I was like, “no need to show them the trailer, then”. ^_^.
Honestly I have no idea about what I am doing while watching. I just love to watch, with no intention on remembering things. And perhaps when I ask my two friends about their “shoes-hunting ability”, they also have no idea about it. Maybe the answer is because they use to do the hunting and try on many shoes, and I use to watch and see various effects and stories. That is why we act and look likes a “pro” on these things.
I have no idea on my friends’ debating club, the rules on it that take them to the world competition, and the pride that they give to our university. I have no idea on how my friend can tell what restaurant or a café are best to pick while I like what ever I eat. I have no idea when my roommate telling me about blogger, blogging, blogger community while I rarely post mine. My brother will always bore me whenever he tells me about the history book he loves to read while I’d prefer psychology. Of course those make them as a “pro” in debating stuff, in culinary, blogging and history in my eyes. And absolutely there are so many mates out there that I will consider as a “pro” on things that they love.
What I want to say is do the best on things that you love. The positive things, of course.



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