I have to warn you that what you are about to read is much far away from what you expected it to be.
For you probably are anticipating about  something that i know nothing of.
So if you are looking for some notes which are telling you a story, or a note which will persuade you to do or not to do things, or any-other possible-kind of notes that ever existed, just stop here!!! Don’t waste your time.

For those who keep reading, i send you my gratitude, for letting yourself to get into something which sounds puzzling enough to start with.
I also congratulate you for you have survived these sentences which are probably complicated enough to bore you.
And now i have to apologize sincerely from the bottom of my heart that you are already wasting your time, for it is exactly like the tittle tells you. It really is NOTHING in here.

It’s nothing but a great amount of words that somehow combined into sentences and constructed a pharagraph.
Its nothing but a paragraph that full of words which is probably meaningless but stil sounds great for  it is well constructed.
It is nothing but a writing that keeps repeating some words because probably they are the only vocabularies i got in mind, or rather it’s too attemping for me to play with them and act as if i am cool enough to make you keep reading this nothing…
But, yeah… You keep reading anyway, and having that look!!! Yeah… Exactly that look on your face.. because you find out that you really are NOT finding anything worth reading here and wandering why you are going this far, and should have stopped at the very begining when i warn you.
Or probably you feel NOTHING???
Well, I am sorry for that…
“For what?”

(Copied from my fb notes)


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