Mind the words

I have been wandering, what will it be like to have a beautiful handwriting that makes people love to read over and over again. Because for myself, a beautiful handwriting is a new kind of art, just like speaking. In which we can judge and value a person on the way they talk and the words they use. We also can do that through writing. Because there are thousands and thousands of words on this world and then something lead both speaker and writer to choose a word over the other word with the same meaning. Speaker will use intonation to make the words sound beautiful and sweet. As for the writer they literally write it beautifully.

This topic reminds me of my functional grammar class long time ago. That a person has the opportunity to choose a word in his sentence. That word will show whether a person is polite or not, angry or not, sad or upset.

And then I thought about the word bank that someone got in his mind. Of course this person will only chose words from his own word bank. If in every chance he’s only using the bad words, meaning that he has been enriching his word bank in the bad circumtances. And those who always use good words proved that all his words have been developed in good circumtances.

I understand this more in one scene of “12 Angry Men”, that a man asked with a bit yelling to another man about why should he talk in such a polite manner when everyone’s looked angry in that tensed moment.
He replied:
“for the same reason why you talked the way you do. I was brought with that”

Wooo… Bullet on the chest….


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