Writing Challenge: List 10 Things That Make You Really Happy

#1 Watching good movies. My good movies are those which make me think about life and the deep meaning of a certain value, movies like: The Shawshank Redemption, 12 Angry Men, Life is Beautiful, and To Kill A Mocking Bird. Romantic movie like Pride and Prejudice (BBC version). Movies about friendship like Lord of The Rings.

#2 Reading English Materials Out Loud. It could be novels, classic novels. Non fictions do me good too, depends on my field of interest like law, prison, criminal, and psychology. I read them out loud ’cause I love the sound of the words, also to practice my pronunciation and my speaking devices.

#3 Drawing. I love to draw and pretty good at it. I did draw weeks ago after months and months without it.

#4 Writing My Thoughts in My Journal. I don’t speak much, instead I am quite chatty through my writings. I got journal on my reading report, on story ideas, and craft ideas. I feel the need to write them all cause I find it troublesome to speak about it.

#5 Crafting. I am creating things, experimenting on things, not scientifically but artistically like handmaking journal, wedding gift, bags, etc, etc.

#6 Retelling The Story I watched and Read to friends of mine. I can tell them the details like the dialogue, reasons why I recommend them to watch or not to watch a certain movie, even the trivia things that I’ve searched before to show how much I like them, such as the screenwriter and the director.

#7 To Browse or Search Everything Related to A Certain Topic That Got My Interest, such as a movie, a meaning, a study. I will spend my time willingly to browse, search, read and download everything needed to dig up more on that topic.

#8 To Sit By The Open Window on the Way Home or on the Way to Everywhere, ’cause I love the Moment when the Wind Hit My Face.

#9 Walking Under the Rain With My Umbrella, alone. Bacause two people wouldn’t fit under such small umbrella. Rain gives me reason to put on my jacket and keeps you warm without worrying to sweat yourself. Rain makes people covering themselves, and the sunny day will make them to reason not to cover themselves properly.

#10 Playing Brain Games and Srtategy Games. Anything related to brain, reasoning, solving problem, ’cause I am a thinker; INTJ.


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