Aim For The First Prize

Life is beautiful (1997), a movie award winning. This movie was set in Italy 1939, in the time when Nazi slaughtered the jews. At first it looked like a comedy romantic, but then it turned out that the male major character was taken by Germany soldier together with his boy and uncle, because they were jews. And then the wife followed him to the train station because she wanted to go wherever her family went.

The best part of this movie is that the father tried to comfort his little boy by creating a beautiful life for him. Hang on, you’ll understand! Probably you can imagine how terrible it is to live in the camp by watching or even reading a story of the same theme.

But the father seemed to know that they’ll suffer anyway, or else they’re gonna die somehow. But he wanted to embrace hs time with his little boy, when he managed to know that his wife was still alive too.

You know how he explained to his boy about that situation? He told him that they’re going to an amazing place as a birthday gift to the boy. Of course the boy looked happy and it continued until the son believed that all people in that camp were playing a game and tried to win a huge prize, a tank.

Ironically for me that even until the end there is no dramatic crying scene as I anticipated it to be when I read about this movie in an article.

In fact what we (as viewers/audience) get from the movie was how the father tried so hard to build or create a good memory together with his son also his wife. I laughed to listen to the father’s “white lie” to his boy and how other “prisoner” there seemed to cooperate. As if the movie tried to tell us, or me especially, that life is really beautiful, it’s just about how you suggest yourself on how to perceive it, how to see it.

That life is so beautiful. It’s just a great game played by everyone, and those people aim for the first prize.


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