Not a Good Friend of Birthday

“I am not a good friend of birthday, you know”. She said one day after I asked her about her birthday, what she got, what she did, and what she want for the present.

“Not a surprise” said I.

“Excuse me?” She then threw her eyes to me, with interrogative gaze.

“No offense, okay? It’s just my opinion on what you probably think about birthday”. Then she drew a smile and we both laughed out loud not that loud that people will shut us up.

Then she told me that she has never had a birthday party ever, even though she came to her friend’s, two or three. She admited that she really didn’t mind not to have a party, since she hated it. There’s too many people, too noisy, and too other trivia things.

“I once went to a birthday party of a friend, it was in elementary school and I thought it was cool, but it’s not that cool. Everyone’ wearing their best dress, boys and girls, the nicest one I guess. And I think it now, those are stupid. I just don’t like it, coz there’s clown, balloons, and stupid game.” Said she while she’s busy with her writing. Yeah, she’s talking while writing, quite a nerd.

“And in the third year of college, I got mopped, you know. My dorm mates made a prank on me. You know, the usual happy-birthday-prank. I didn’t buy it. I fought back. I set the one whom supposed to blame me to her bad nerve. I just laughed my heart out. You know what she said after I discovered the prank? She was saying that she will never do any birthday prank ever again. How cool was that? I won that moment”. She’s not writing anymore, but laid back to the chair she’s sitting on and looked at the scene out of the window.

She then told me about what happened in her fourth year of college. Someone else was trying to set her on fire by intentionally talking aloud about her at her back as if she’s not listening. And of course the prank was meant to put her on fire and mission completed. Everyone in the dorm was surprised and frightened to witness her anger, since she’s not a bad tempered person in front of everybody else. She  managed to control it and be calm. But that day everyone saw that bad side, and worried abou the prank-thing. They then thought about how to end the prank, coz it’s gotten too far.

She’s telling me with big smile on her face, as if she’s telling me that she won too that day. Eventhough she thought that it’s real and felt ashamed of it. She kept telling me everything about birthday party that made her to be a not-good-friend of birthday but honestly what I get from her story is that she enjoyed it but didn’t want to admit it.

“My group member,” she started again after drinking her coffee, “cancelled our last rehearsal for presentation just because she wanted to have a birthday party at her friend’s. It really drove me crazy since she texted us all 5 minutes before the dealt time”. She ends that with a sigh.

We both are on silent, since honestly we both knew why she hated birthday that much. But it will be more easier for her to say it in different way ’cause it’s a rare thing for her to speak her mind. Yeah, we both knew it very well, but it’s already a good thing for her to loose the burden on her heart and mind for a bit.

“However”, she said in brighter tone, “I do give present to myself”, as she walked away and waved to me, leaving me alone in the coffee shop.


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